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Residential Lawn Care

Choose Greenscapes for a lawn care experience that combines traditional expertise with modern innovation, where each lawn is a canvas that reflects our dedication to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction.

Our bidirectional mowing technique sets us apart, ensuring a perfectly manicured lawn.

Serving League city and surrounding areas for over 10 years.

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Combining the art of design with the functionality of living spaces to bring you your outdoor oasis.


Residential And Commercial Landscape Design

We install hundreds of landscaping projects every year. Our landscape projects range in size from sprucing up the front of someone's home increasing its curb appeal to installing a multi-phase mixed use development spanning large acres from the ground up. We give each of these landscape projects our complete attention and inject both our landscaping knowledge and creativity to make them exceed your original expectations.

When choosing a landscaping contractor, you want a landscaper that you can trust and depend on. Greenscapes has built its reputation on quality work, trust and dependability. We have been building and maintaining beautiful landscapes and gardens in League City TX and surrounding cities for years. Our experience and training give us the confidence to guarantee what we can do for you. We are consistently rated as one of the top landscaping companies in League City TX. If you're looking for a landscape designer, a landscaping company, or just a weekly lawn care service, call Greenscapes first. We are located in League City TX and are serving all of League City, Friendswood and surrounding cities.

Landscaping Styles

Our landscape designers will take your ideas and discuss different landscape styles to see what best suits your taste.

Elite Landscape Experts

At Greenscapes, we bring your outdoor visions to life with our exceptional landscaping services, leveraging advanced landscape design software for precision and creativity. Our expert team skillfully combines the art of design with the functionality of living spaces, ensuring that each project is as beautiful as it is practical. This technology allows us to provide a realistic visualization of the proposed landscape, enabling you to see and tweak your new outdoor space before any physical work begins. Our commitment to using the latest tools and techniques in landscape design sets us apart, ensuring that every garden, lawn, or outdoor area we create is a unique and sustainable oasis. Whether it’s a serene backyard retreat, a vibrant garden, or a functional outdoor living space, Greenscapes’ blend of innovative technology and extensive experience guarantees a result that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Trust us to transform your outdoor area into a breathtaking landscape that reflects your style and needs.