Greenscapes Lawn And Landscape Employee Mowing Residential Lawn

Residential Lawn Care

Choose Greenscapes for a lawn care experience that combines traditional expertise with modern innovation, where each lawn is a canvas that reflects our dedication to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction.

Our bidirectional mowing technique sets us apart, ensuring a perfectly manicured lawn.

Serving League city and surrounding areas for over 10 years.

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Count on Greenscapes for expert installation and repair of irrigation systems, utilizing cutting-edge technology and tailored designs to ensure efficient and sustainable water distribution, backed by our licensed credentials and dedicated team of experts.



At Greenscapes, we specialize in both installation and repair of irrigation systems, backed by our credentials as a licensed provider. Our expertise in irrigation solutions ensures that your landscape receives the optimal amount of water it needs, efficiently and sustainably. We use the latest technologies and techniques to design irrigation systems that are tailored to the unique needs of each landscape, ensuring maximum coverage and water efficiency. Our repair services are equally thorough, addressing any issues from minor leaks to system overhauls with precision and speed. We understand the importance of a well-functioning irrigation system in maintaining the health and beauty of your landscape. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing reliable, high-quality service, ensuring your irrigation system operates flawlessly for years to come. Trust Greenscapes for all your irrigation needs, where our commitment to excellence is demonstrated in every project we undertake.

Sprinkler Installations

Greenscapes Lawn & Landscape is a market leader in landscape irrigation systems. With years of experience, we are trained and certified to install sprinkler systems no matter how large or small your property is.

Proper watering means knowing exactly when and how much water is necessary for specific soils and vegetation. Our irrigation system installations are tailored depending on the sunny / shadow areas on the property, the soil’s needs, existing drainage, types of vegetation planted and so on.

  • If you want a new irrigation system to protect your lawn or flowerbeds we can design, install and maintain one for you that is fully compliant with industry’s standards.
  • An irrigation system is an investment and we provide winterization and startup of all irrigation systems.
  • We offer emergency repairs, rain sensors, back-flow repair, replacement and testing.
  • If you identify some issues with your sprinkler system, we are typically able to fix them the same day.

Why Should You Install Sprinklers on Your Property?

As a general rule, your lawn needs to receive at least one inch of water per week. You should also water your property very early in the morning to reduce the burn off caused by sunlight and wind conditions.

Sometimes you need to basically design your life schedule around watering tasks. In this day and age such an endeavor is counterproductive, because people work and try to make the best out of their free time. This is where our company comes in: why waste time, effort and money with hose irrigation when we can install a smart sprinkler system for you that “knows” when and how to water best? Such systems come with sensors and automation so you won’t waste resources or money.

Why Are We Better than Our Competitors?

If we don’t strike you as being modest this happens because our company’s mission is to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Our stellar rankings and growing pool of returning customers can vouch for our professional conduct, courteous attitude and high-quality services tailored to suit all budgets and needs.

  • Besides working with top experts in their fields and certified technicians, we also work with the latest technologies and equipment in the field.
  • We value our customers’ experience with us the most, this is why we are never late for the job, we notify you when we arrive, we come in marked company vehicles, we all wear a uniform and everyone understands their job.
  • We value our workers as family members and reward loyalty and performance. We invest in our team with training in client care, landscape industry standards, safety measures, and more. It’s important to us that we provide you with the most friendly, approachable team that knows their job.
  • We tailor our offer and prices so they are budget friendly and transparent.